70-646 Online Test-Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator

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1. Running a system in safe mode:


2. Your backup plan calls for a full backup every Sunday. Every other day of the week, you need to back up only the changes since the last full backup.Which backup type should you use for Tuesday?


3. To protect a server in case of a blackout, you should use a/an:


4. Which tool would you use to retrieve detailed information about a significant occurrence in a computer system?


5. Which task is executed during the Power-On Self Test (POST)?


6. You configure Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to save previous versions of a shared folder. By default, the copies of shared folders are stored in:


7. By default, group policies are first applied to networked computers when the:


8. A domain controller that is designated to perform a set of specialized domain controller tasks is commonly referred to as a/an:


9. You manage a company’s Active Directory. You need to delegate the control of a branch office to a set of administrators. Where would you place the users and computers that belong to the branch office?


10. You need to assign permissions to access resources. Which type of group should you use?


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