70-680 Windows 7, Configuring

It is valuable for the candidates to know 70-680 Windows 7, Configuring exam topics.

Installing, upgrading, and migrating to Windows 7 (14%)
Deploying Windows 7 (13%)
Configuring hardware and applications (14%)
Configuring network connectivity (14%)
Configuring access to resources (13%)
Configuring mobile computing (10%)
Monitoring and maintaining systems that run Windows 7 (11%)
Configuring backup and recovery options (11%)

Published: April 1, 2009
Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Audiences:IT professionals
Technology: Windows 7
Credit toward certification: MCP, Specialist

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You are the administrator of a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 7. Several users share Computer1. The users plan to encrypt files on the computer. You need to ensure that you can access all encrypted files on the computer. What should you do first?
A. At a command prompt, run Cipher.exe.
B. At a command prompt, run Certutil.exe.
C. From the local computer policy, modify the User Rights Assignment.
D. From User Accounts, run the Manage your file encryption certificates wizard.
Answer: A

You need to prevent a custom application from connecting to the Internet. What should you do?
A. From Windows Firewall, add a program.
B. From Windows Defender, modify the Allowed items list.
C. From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create an inbound rule.
D. From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create an outbound rule.
Answer: D

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