98-366 Online Test-Networking Fundamentals

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1. Your network includes a legacy application named LegacyApp1. The application only runs in the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework on Windows Server 2008. You plan to deploy to Azure Cloud Services. You need to ensure that LegacyApp1 will run correctly in the new environment. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


2. You migrate a Windows Server .NET web application to Azure Cloud Services.You need enable trace logging for the application.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


3. You manage a cloud service that is running in two small instances. The cloud service hosts a help desk application. The application utilizes a
virtual network connection to synchronize data to the company’s internal accounting system.You need to reduce the amount of time required for data synchronization.What should you do?


4. You manage a cloud service that has a web application named WebRole1. WebRole1 writes error messages to the Windows Event Log.Users report receiving an error page with the following message: “Event 26 has occurred. Contact your system administrator. You need to access the WebRole1 event log.Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


5. You manage a cloud service that utilizes data encryption.You need to ensure that the certificate used to encrypt data can be accessed by the cloud
service application.What should you do?


6. You administer a Windows Server virtual machine (VM).You upload the VM to Azure.You need to ensure that you are able to deploy the BGInfo and VMAccess extensions.What should you do?


7. You manage a cloud service that supports features hosted by two instances of an Azure virtual machine (VM).You discover that occasional outages cause your service to fail.You need to minimize the impact of outages to your cloud service.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


8. Your company has two cloud services named CS01 and CS02. You create a virtual machine (VM) in CS02 named Accounts.You need to ensure that users in CS01 can access the Accounts VM by using port 8080.What should you do?


9. You administer a solution deployed to a virtual machine (VM) in Azure. The VM hosts a web service that is used by several applications. You are
located in the US West region and have a worldwide user base.Developers in Asia report that they experience significant delays when they execute the services.You need to verify application performance from different locations.Which type of monitoring should you configure?


10. You administer an Azure solution that uses a virtual network named fabVNet. FabVNet has a single subnet named Subnet-1.You discover a high volume of network traffic among four virtual machines (VMs) that are part of Subnet-1.You need to isolate the network traffic among the four VMs. You want to achieve this goal with the least amount of downtime and impact on users.What should you do?


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