70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

It is helpful for the candidates to know Microsoft 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam topics.

Implement Web Apps (15-20%)
Implement virtual machines (15-20%)
Implement cloud services (15-20%)
Implement storage (15–20%)
Implement an Azure Active Directory (15–20%)
Implement virtual networks (15–20%)

Published: September 4, 2014
Languages: English, Japanese
Audiences:IT professionals
Technology: Microsoft Azure
Credit toward certification: MCP, Microsoft Specialist

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Your company has two cloud services named CS01 and CS02. You create a virtual machine (VM) in CS02 named Accounts.You need to ensure that users in CS01 can access the Accounts VM by using port 8080.What should you do?
A. Create a firewall rule.
B. Configure load balancing.
C. Configure port redirection.
D. Configure port forwarding.
E. Create an end point.
Answer: E

You administer a solution deployed to a virtual machine (VM) in Azure. The VM hosts a web service that is used by several applications. You are located in the US West region and have a worldwide user base.Developers in Asia report that they experience significant delays when they execute the services.You need to verify application performance from different locations.Which type of monitoring should you configure?
A. Disk Read
B. Endpoint
C. Network Out
E. Average Response Time
Answer: A