MB2-716 Online Test-Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration

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1. You are creating a set of system views. Which three options can you configure for the views? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


2. You create a Publisher and add entities to a solution. What are two outcomes of this action? Each correct answer presents a completes ion.


3. Which two statements are exclusive to managed solutions and not unmanaged solutions? Fach correct answer presents part of the solution.


4. You export five modified system security roles from a development environment as an unmanaged solution. You solution into a production environment. Which of the following statements is true regarding the import of the unmanaged solution?


5. You need to display data that is referenced by a lookup field on a form. Which option should you use?


6. You add a lookup for contacts to the case form.You need to display the most recent primary phone number for a contact on the case form while minimizing administrative effort.What should you do?


7. Which two form areas allow you to read from and write to all visible fields? Each answer presents a complete solution.


8. Which statement regarding ordering of items in the mobile navigation menu is


9. Which three statements regarding form design or behavior for the mobile phone or tablet application are true? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


10. Which two series aggregate functions are only available on numeric field data types? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


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